Music and Video by Davide Ing. Allegri

Dance for a Firend (2017):
With them I shared my walking
With them I shared my talking
what I liked and what I destroyed
my nothings and my void
With them I shared my esteems
With them I shared my dreams
Always ready to comprehend
forever in my heart, my dearest friend

Encounter and Courtship (1980-2017): Composed several years ago, this simple piece of music is as light as the breeze in the heart during the courtship. In this particular cover, the acoustic guitar is played by Pietro Fanti.

Microteca (1980-2017): This is an old music I composed years ago, but I re-edited the music, I used different instruments and I added some video and pictures taken during my walks on the Thames river. A River is a Microteca where you can find yourself into its details. Music composed in 1990 for a picture exhibition and re-edited in 2017 using Harp, Clarinett and Basson from the Garritan samples. The video is also available here on youTube

Waltz for Quiro (2012): a short piano piece I wrote as a tribute to my father in Q minor. The video is also available here on youTube

Circoli (1989): originally composed for Germano Attolini's picture exhibition (Galleria Studio 78 Parma, Italy), I added a video I made in 2015. The video is also available here on youTube.

Gallura (1990): originally part of the muisc composed for ECO LOGICA. An art exhibition I did together with the architect Cristina Bianchi which involved all senses: the colors (a set of computers with dynamic fractals images I programmed), smells (each exhibition stand had a different smell), objects to be touched, drinks and music. In particular the music was composed with the same kind of recursion one can find in the Fractals geometry: each musical events is carrying the information of the entire piece. Gallura is the name I added, after the video, to one of the music pieces of ECO LOGICA. All the pictures in the video are some of the ones I have taken during summer 2016 in Gallura (Sardinia, Italy): nothing to do with Fractals but I'm finding them suitable for this music

Stille Jazz Nacht: (Christmast 2013), I wanted to listen to a nice cover of Stille Nacht (Silent Night) but I couldn't find any. So I sat down at the piano and made my own cover. The video is also available here on youTube.

Schegge (1991): Anomiakratos has been an Italian group from Parma:
This piece has been recorded with a Tascam Porta One in my father's office: ping-pong recording 10 traces on 4. No additional editing was possible then.

• Allegri Davide: Siel Opera 6, Yamaha Tx16w, Yamaha SPX90, Roland TR-505 Drum, Music and Lyrics
• Colonna Massimo: Sax
• Fanti Pietro: Guitar
• Paini Gian Luca: Bass
• Rossi Francesca: voice

The video is also available here on youTube.

Lyrics in Italian:

Stasera sto col vento
per farmi accarezzare
capelli collo e mente
ho bisogno di respirare

Stasera sto col cielo
per potermi specchiare
ogni singolo pensiero
per rifletterlo e darlo al mare

e scherzero' la luna
ascoltero' il silenzio
e scherzero' la luna
ascoltero' il silenzio

Stasera sto col vento
e solo una canzone
lontano senza piu' un pensiero
e danzo della mia immaginazione

Stasera non ti penso
ti ho messo in fondo al fiume
insieme ai sassi freddi
che non ti fanno sognare

Mouse (1990): it was entirely performed using a computer mouse. A program maps mouse coordinates into notes and duration, and files the MIDI data to be played back later on. From an original idea of Maestro Aldo Bertone, the MIDI file dates back to the summer 1990 during a concert in Langhirano (Italy). Filter control was performed by hand in studio. I added a Video in 2013 (subject to changes).(Instruments: TX16W Opera 6 Atari ST1024). The video is also available here on youTube.